By Joshua Tsang

One of my most recent encounters with God actually occurred the other day at church during service. I think recently (with starting work) I’ve been so busy trying to manage my time and fit everything in that I haven’t had time to sit still in the presence of God. 

The other day during worship, so wonderfully led through Mike, we had the opportunity to sit and rest in that moment with God and to be vulnerable about our highs and more importantly our lows. I think it was a combination of both myself stepping out in faith and stepping into the “highlands” side and seeing the vulnerability shown by the church in stepping into their sides that reminded me that God was working. 

This was a moment (hopefully of many to come) that I know myself and many others have been praying for, in and over this church. For vulnerability from each of us and to break past the idea that we are all “doing ok” or that we “have everything under control”, myself included. In that moment, I felt the most intimate with God while being surrounded by my brothers and sisters. An encounter with God that I hope to never forget.


文:Joshua Tsang; 譯:Julia Lee


那日崇拜時,Mike出色地帶領我們歌頌敬拜神,讓我們有機會安靜在神面前,不單只勇於分享遇到的高峰,還有經歷到的低谷。Mike請我們來到台前分為兩組,我憑信心站到「高峰」那邊,而有些弟兄姊妹就站到「低谷」那邊,Mike 安排Karen 和 Victor分別為這兩組人士禱告。我憑著信心站出來,弟兄姊妹又願意表達他們的需要,使我看到神在工作。