Enrich Gym


Enrich Gym is all about embracing health and joy!

We hope our gatherings will enrich the holistic well-being of the Christian community.

Our vibrant logo embodies the essence of “Enrich Gym.” The trunk of this tree of life represents the Holy Trinity, and the leaves of varying sizes and colours portray our diversity in ages and backgrounds.

The logo symbolises the closeness of our fellowship, the sharing of joy and vitality in the life of our community, and our mission to spread the abundant love of Christ.

Our motto is: Living in Joy, Walking with the Lord.

Enrich Gym warmly welcomes all brothers and sisters to invite their friends to join us for our various seminars and activities.

“健樂坊”- 顧名思義就是健康與喜樂!




我們的服務宗旨是: 健樂人生, 與主同行