Last year COVID had dramatically changed the ministry to a soft approach with much prayer and online support, but this year the caring ministry is back with a more hands on approach.

This year’s two key focuses are welcoming newcomers and caring for the local community. 

There has been an increasing number of attendees in the English Congregation from a range of ages and family stages. Hence there has been a focus on increasing the number of greeters to cater for this growth. We continue to look for more greeters to create a welcoming and friendly environment to newcomers. Furthermore, we are looking to integrate newcomers into the church more easily by inviting them into small groups and to church events. We are also exploring how we can create a setting for all family stages to comfortably attend, especially for young families.

The breakfast team also play a big part into welcoming on Sunday mornings. The team has really stepped up and done a superb job serving heartwarming meals to uplifting servers on Sunday morning and creating a lively atmosphere to help wake up attendees with coffee and tea. 

A trial health care day was undertaken earlier this year. The health day was a high-level check on general health such as blood glucose levels, BMI and blood pressure. Many brothers and sisters from the medical field that volunteered, supported that day. There is still more effort required for caring for the local community, so please pray for this area within the ministry.

Lastly with the growing congregation, pastoral care is an appeal to provide unity and compassion for those that are facing physical and spiritual challenges. Let us lift this to God to provide strength and His answer.