According to the Gospel of John, Jesus is a one-of-a-kind Son to God the Father (John 1:14, 18; and 3:16, 18). This means their relationship is unique. What can we, as sons and daughters of the same Heavenly Father, albeit of a different kind, learn from that relationship?.... 根據約翰福音1:14, 18; 3:16, 18的記載,耶穌是父神獨一無二的兒子。這意味著祂們的關係是獨特的。我們跟耶穌同是天父的兒女,雖然類型不同,但我們可以從耶穌與父神的關係學到甚麼呢?。。。
It has almost been a year since I took up “extra” (non-work related) study, enrolling at Carey Baptist College, picking up one theology paper per semester. The first paper I selected was an introduction to theology, and the second on the Gospel of John. I admit – I was hesitant to consider studying theology initially. Somehow, I think most of us have this impression that theology is reserved for the elite few such as pastors and missionaries... 我報讀克理神學院快一年了,學習一些與工作沒有關係的知識。在第一個學期選讀了神學導論,第二個學期選讀了約翰福音。我承認開始時我是有些猶疑的,因我想大家都會覺得,只有牧師和傳教士這些精英人士才會去念神學。。。
Earlier this year, I read the book pictured on the left, after receiving it as a gift from a Catholic friend. Learning to listen to God’s voice is an important aspect of being a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not always an easy task. We are bombarded by distractions and many other voices in our daily lives. Hence, the importance of spending time being still before God (Psalm 46:10)... 年初讀畢《聆聽內心的聲音:向依納爵學習明辨》(圖右),是天主教朋友送我的。學習聆聽上帝的聲音是成為主耶穌基督的忠心僕人的一個重要部分。我們被世界誘惑,又被日常生活的雜音干擾,因此,花時間在上帝面前休息是重要的。(詩篇46:10)。。。
我經常聽到青少年的家長說:「我的孩子不想再跟我說話了。」這似乎是很多現代家長面對的相同困難。但事實上,青少年最想要的是陪伴在他們身邊的父母,沒有其它事物能替代。 為甚麼家長與青少年難於相處呢?我想主要原因是溝通方法。家長可能想幫孩子處理他們的問題 — 而孩子只是想有人聆聽他們。因此孩子迴避跟你訴說他的問題。又或你對某個話題有強烈意見 — 為了避免爭議,孩子不再跟你討論這話題。
One of my most recent encounters with God actually occurred the other day at church during service. I think recently (with starting work) I’ve been so busy trying to manage my time and fit everything in that I haven’t had time to sit still in the presence of God. .. 我最近一次與神的相遇就發生在那日崇拜的時候。因我剛剛開始工作,忙於將所有要做的事情都擠進有限的時間裡,反而沒有留一些時間在神面前靜默。。。