From Pastors


This is my second farewell to CACC. 17 years ago, as a young person, I sought first “my kingdom”. Today, at another departure, I truly believe that His way is higher than my way. 
如果我要用一個字去總結2023年,那就是成長。 這是令人感到興奮的一年,看到教會的會眾對認識神的渴望不斷地增長,這反映在我們的會眾在屬靈路上熱心地互相建立 – 這正是教會應有的運作。這對我來說是一個極大的鼓勵,我感謝神為著祂在我們當中所做的一切。
If I were to sum up 2023 with one word, it would be growth. It's been an exciting year seeing this church grow in its desire to know God. This is reflected in an eagerness in our members to build each other up in their spiritual walks – exactly as the body should be working. This has been a great source of encouragement to me and I thank God for what he's been doing in us.