This is my second farewell to CACC. 17 years ago, as a young person, I sought first “my kingdom”. Today, at another departure, I truly believe that His way is higher than my way. 

It is not about seeking a better position, nor about discord among the leadership. It is not about ordination, nor about insufficient income. It is not the 7-year itch, nor a lack of love for the brothers and sisters in the church. Our family firmly believes in seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness, and that doesn’t translate directly into a lifetime of service* in a local church. Although stepping onto paths yet unrevealed, as we follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will discover the footsteps of Jesus and be amazed by their plentifulness. When we arrive at the next place that God has already prepared for us, we will faithfully do His work there. 

The heartfelt goodbye signifies that we have had wonderful times. Worship, Bible studies, prayer, fellowship, sharing meals, heart-to-heart conversations, sharing burdens, caregiving, celebrations, laughter, and tears – may we not have missed too many opportunities in the past. I pray for you as you await the pastor whom God will send, to preach His Word and shepherd the flock among you. 

Starting from next week, I will mostly spend my time in the South, commuting with my 3 children who are attending Pukekohe Christian School and growing up fast. On weekends, our family will be meeting at Eastview Baptist Church in the East. Perhaps we will run into each other in Botany. Look forward to meeting you again!

*Note: Ordination is not a promotion but a personal and communal affirmation of God’s calling one to a lifetime of service to the church.