This is my second farewell to CACC. 17 years ago, as a young person, I sought first “my kingdom”. Today, at another departure, I truly believe that His way is higher than my way. 
This March marks the seventh year of my service at CACC. Brothers and sisters have asked me why they didn’t feel I am resting more during my sabbath. Despite all these years, I am still not good at resting, as God has commanded us to rest. (Now it is after midnight and I’m still writing this report.) Therefore God has given me some small ailments so I must face up to it.
The year has passed like the wind. During lockdown, I recall sitting in front of the screen, teaching online Sunday school for 10 mornings: three Sundays on the epidemic and seven on the Trinity. Not sure about how the students felt, but my hour passed just like the wind.