I first heard the phrase ‘Get used to different’ from a friend while we were talking about interdenominational fellowship of Christians. Another friend asked me this question unexpectedly on a separate day. “What is the difference between Catholics and Christians?”
It can be hard to pick friends, especially good friends, but God will help you. A good friend can be caring or kind. Your friend does not have to believe in God, it can just be a friend you think is the right friend. But you can pray to God for your friend to know God.
In reading through Genesis, I’m reminded that you and I, human beings, were created as the crowning glory of God’s creation. We were made body, soul and spirit, to bear the image of our Creator and reflect his splendour. 
Pastor Jonathan Chow One thing I often hear parents of teenagers say is, “my child doesn’t […]
Pentecost —meaning ”fifty”—is a special day celebrated fifty days from Easter Sunday. It is the day we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the early disciples, and with it powerful manifestations of spiritual gifts. On that day, filled with the Spirit, Peter preached his first sermon and brought three thousand people to come to know Christ as their Saviour.