The year has passed like the wind. During lockdown, I recall sitting in front of the screen, teaching online Sunday school for 10 mornings: three Sundays on the epidemic and seven on the Trinity. Not sure about how the students felt, but my hour passed just like the wind.

Returning to in-person gathering, I have one eye on preparing sermons and the other on contingency plans. During the summer, when Jonathan went to Palmy for internship and guest speakers had their break too, our English congregation could only endure my low-pitched voice for weeks. Before our whole family went down with Covid in March, skipping a week on stage was rare. No wonder my kids often asked, “Dad, when do you have free time for us?”

Don’t get me wrong, it is full of joy serving our Lord. Sharing God’s Word (especially when I am using Cantonese) onstage or offstage is what I enjoy the most. No matter having fellowship at church or visiting brothers and sisters, it has always been a joyful thing.

Too bad God still only gives me 24 hours. There are so many things that I did not do and did not do well this year. Thanks be to God who sent CACC a pastoral and Ex-Com team to fill the holes and share the burdens. In the coming year, I must learn how to give up things beyond my ability, and concentrate on what God has entrusted me to do.

Hope that when we look back again before God, it will all be good.