This March marks the seventh year of my service at CACC. Brothers and sisters have asked me why they didn’t feel I am resting more during my sabbath. Despite all these years, I am still not good at resting, as God has commanded us to rest. (Now it is after midnight and I’m still writing this report.) Therefore God has given me some small ailments so I must face up to it.

My greatest improvement in serving this year is to focus most of my time in serving small groups. Weekday Church-family Gathering on Thursdays, Bible study class on Fridays, and Sunday School are on my menu every week. Studying the word of God is still my favourite part of serving, and interactive learning with brothers and sisters brings me great joy.

At the end of last year I expressed to the Excom my wish to reduce administrative tasks and focus more on shepherding; this July I officially stepped down as Excom chairman. Change sometimes comes slowly. May God call his servant with the right leadership and administrative skills to lead the church, and may Him give us enough patience to wait.

As for me, I hope in the next year I can serve more faithfully according to the gifts given to me. May God continue to use me.