From Pastors


Pastor Derek Lee


This March marks the seventh year of my service at CACC. Brothers and sisters have asked me why they didn’t feel I am resting more during my sabbath. Despite all these years, I am still not good at resting, as God has commanded us to rest. (Now it is after midnight and I’m still writing this report.) Therefore God has given me some small ailments so I must face up to it.

My greatest improvement in serving this year is to focus most of my time in serving small groups. Weekday Church-family Gathering on Thursdays, Bible study class on Fridays, and Sunday School are on my menu every week. Studying the word of God is still my favourite part of serving, and interactive learning with brothers and sisters brings me great joy.

At the end of last year I expressed to the Excom my wish to reduce administrative tasks and focus more on shepherding; this July I officially stepped down as Excom chairman. Change sometimes comes slowly. May God call his servant with the right leadership and administrative skills to lead the church, and may Him give us enough patience to wait.

As for me, I hope in the next year I can serve more faithfully according to the gifts given to me. May God continue to use me.





Pastor Jonathan Chow


Four years ago, I was but an inexperienced and unqualified young adult with nothing but a passion and call to minister to young people. Fast forward to now, God has graciously led me to completing a theological degree and given me this precious opportunity to serve, learn and grow within my home church.

My responsibilities are primarily high school aged youth, although during my time here they have been expanded to include both younger children and the English-speaking congregation to some degree. While I treasure the experience gained in these areas, my sense of call has remained with the youth, and I continue to cherish the opportunity to walk alongside them in their faith journeys.

As our young people grow, opportunities arise to nurture their spiritual lives in different ways. There is a saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” My prayer is that we will be reminded as a church that discipling young people takes more than a few leaders; it asks all of us to reach out, connect and share our experiences and wisdom.

Moving into full-time ministry next year, I hope to dedicate a significant portion of my time to equipping our congregations, leaders and even the students to be leaders themselves.


Pastor Jonathan


我主要服侍中學生,但服務對象已經擴展到包括一部分較年輕的孩子和英語會眾。 雖然我珍惜在這些領域獲得的經驗,但我的呼召仍然是服侍年青人,我繼續珍視與他們在信仰中並肩同行的機會。





Pastor Abby Ma


Rethinking Gospel Kids

Due to changing circumstances in Hong Kong, many people have emigrated to New Zealand. They brought with them the hope of a new life as they joined our church.

These new families also brought new thoughts for us. How do we prepare our kids to welcome new friends and help them integrate into CACC? How do we build a Christ-centred group with love that embraces and accommodates our differences?

Thanks to the Lord, these thoughts have deepened my understanding of Gospel Kids. When we are in the love of Jesus Christ, we do not merely help kids learn about God’s word and deepen their understanding of the Gospel. We need to open our eyes and spread the Gospel to every newcomer.

May God bless us with spiritual eyes so that we understand His will. May He grant us wisdom, so that we can build a loving faith community using different methods.

Gospel Kids的再思



感謝主的引導,這些思考都深化我對Gospel Kids的理解。原來,我們在主耶穌基督的愛裡,不僅透過學習主的話語,深化孩子對福音的認識。同時,神開濶我們的眼界,讓我們知道,福音並非停留在某個個體,而要傳遞到每一個新朋友的生命。


Rev. Eddy Chan


The sermons this year have covered the books of “1 Peter”; and “Jude” :

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”

(1 Peter 2 : 9) (NIV)

“But you, dear friends, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit. keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.”

(Jude 20, 21) (NIV)

These two scriptures remind us of once again how to cherish our honorable status as children of God in the last days. In addition, the spiritual path is like sailing against the current. If we do not advance, we will retreat. Therefore, we must be holy, thirst for spiritual milk, build ourselves in God’s words, lay a solid foundation in our belief, and keep ourselves in God’s mighty hands until we meet the Lord.

In the service of the Noah Fellowship, I lead the elders in Bible study; teach them how to learn from Lord Jesus’s deeds; how to follow Jesus and learn from Christ; how to follow Jesus’s examples; encourage further understanding of the relationship between the Lord Jesus’s death/resurrection and us; encourage the elders to believe and accept Christ as soon as possible so that they may gain salvation, and have the assurance of eternal life.

The home visits/caring and intercessions have always been major tasks for me and my wife. Every time I visit someone, I can feel the presence of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It further familiarizes me with brothers and sisters in a way that we may encourage and support each other.

今年在講壇的服侍, 完成了 “彼得前書” 與 “猶大書” 兩卷書 :

「然而你們是蒙揀選的族類,是君尊的祭司,是聖潔的王國,是屬神的子民,為要叫你們宣揚衪的美德– 衪召你們離開黑暗進入衪奇妙的光明 。」 ( 彼得前書 2 : 9 ) (環球聖經譯本 )

「但是你們呢,親愛的啊,要在你們至聖的信仰上建立自己,在聖靈裡禱告,保守自己在神的愛裡,仰望我們主耶穌基督的憐憫,直到永生。」 ( 猶大書 20, 21 ) ( 環球聖經譯本 )