Four years ago, I was but an inexperienced and unqualified young adult with nothing but a passion and call to minister to young people. Fast forward to now, God has graciously led me to completing a theological degree and given me this precious opportunity to serve, learn and grow within my home church.

My responsibilities are primarily high school aged youth, although during my time here they have been expanded to include both younger children and the English-speaking congregation to some degree. While I treasure the experience gained in these areas, my sense of call has remained with the youth, and I continue to cherish the opportunity to walk alongside them in their faith journeys.

As our young people grow, opportunities arise to nurture their spiritual lives in different ways. There is a saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” My prayer is that we will be reminded as a church that discipling young people takes more than a few leaders; it asks all of us to reach out, connect and share our experiences and wisdom.

Moving into full-time ministry next year, I hope to dedicate a significant portion of my time to equipping our congregations, leaders and even the students to be leaders themselves.


Pastor Jonathan