Enoch & Abby Chan

Student Life ministry in Christchurch 基督城大學校園傳道會服事

Enoch & Abby Prayer points

  1. Praise God for 6 new believers and 9 new leaders for 2024! Pray for their spiritual growth over this summer.
  2. Pray for Enoch’s major knee injury and surgery. Please pray the surgery will happen soon and for a strong recovery.
  3. Praise God we have a 3rd child on the way! Abby is 7 weeks pregnant. Please pray for the health of Abby and the baby during pregnancy.
  4. Pray for God to meet our financial needs. We need at least another $1000 per month of support for us to start next year.

(Oct 29, 2023) 

Enoch & Abby 12月祈禱事項

  1. 請為胎兒在母親體內健康成長。
  2. Abby 現在在懷孕期間,身體很疲累,求主加能賜力。祈求在懷孕期中減少疲累。
  3. 請為我們團隊在今年夏天 Summer 有健康的靈命。
  4. 請為我們毎月需要的 500 美元,求上帝供應。
  5. 為今年的夏天(Summer)有美好的家庭時光和休息。